Yannick Chastang Conservation is located in Faversham, Kent, Great Britain

Yannick Chastang Conservation offers high quality conservation and restoration services for all types of veneered furniture and gilt bronzes.

Yannick Chastang has an international reputation as a leading specialist in French and marquetry furniture, but has experience in treating most types of wooden or metal antiques. The workshop is led by Yannick Chastang, who set up the company in 2003. He trained originally at the Ecole Boulle in Paris, gained work experience in private workshops in Paris and the USA, before being employed at the Musée des Arts Decoratifs in Paris and at the Wallace Collection in London where he developed a passion for and understanding of historic French furniture. These important collections provided him plenty of opportunities to work with and study some of the finest pieces of furniture ever made. The company has conserved pieces belonging to museums and private collections from all around the world.

Some of their major recent projects include the conservation of the large pair of Cucci pietra dura cabinets from Alnwick, many pieces for the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry and the Duke of Devonshire, and the conservation of an important coffer on stand by Boulle owned by the Horace Walpole Library (Yale University) in the USA (a project supported by a Getty grant). Please take a look at our portfolio of work on this web site. We have considerable experience in conserving and restoring furniture by the eighteenth-century masters, including pieces by André-Charles Boulle, Jean-Henri Riesener, Jean Francois Oeben and Jean Francois Leleu. We also specialise in the restoration of nineteenth-century furniture and have worked on pieces by Francois Linke, Charles-Guillaume Winckelsen, Henri Dasson, to name but a few. We have restored many major works by F. Linke, one of the most technically accomplished furniture-makers, with the contribution and approval of the expert Christopher Payne. We also are very fortunate to have acquired a stock of genuine old veneer from Linke's own workshop, enabling us to restore his and his contemporaries’ furniture using only original woods and materials. This portfolio is a representative though not an exhaustive list of the works we have undertaken; many other projects, in particular, smaller projects are not illustrated.

We are a commercial workshop and, as such, we conserve and restore all types of furniture, marquetry, solid wood, gilt bronzes, pietra dura marquetry, gilding and lacquers, big or small. Our prices are not beyond the reach of smaller collectors and we are happy to quote for any potential project.

To our knowledge our hourly rate compares favorably with that of our London competitors, or indeed foreign competitors. In general our hourly rate is about 20% less than that charged by London conservators and sometimes more than 50% cheaper than American or Australian conservators. This is a direct result of lower rent/overheads/salaries in Kent. We pride ourselves on using the best materials and techniques available but the cost of the products is low compared to the amount of handwork and man-hours involved in each project. Yannick Chastang feels it is important to give each piece the care and attention it deserves and not to jeopardize the standard of work by rushing and it is true that often the amount of hours that go into a piece will exceed that of our competitors. Despite the fact that more man-hours are invested our prices remain competitive. Our considerable and wide-ranging experience and very good supplier relations ensure minimal time is spent sourcing products, sourcing suppliers or finding the quickest and most appropriate solution to any challenge.

As well as our UK clients we currently work for collectors in Ireland, USA, France, Switzerland and China, and have worked for several from other countries. These clients are happy to bear the cost of shipping the pieces to us in consideration of the quality of work and care their pieces will receive. Yannick Chastang is happy to travel for consultation purposes, either in the UK or abroad. Please do not hesitate to contact us by email or telephone if you think we can be of service.