metal conservation / bronze making workshop

Gilded bronze: conservation, restoration and making of gilded bronzes (ormolu) 

Since 2008, Yannick Chastang has a metal conservation / bronze chasing workshop.  This is in response to increased demand for careful conservation of gilded bronze as well as the making of quality new gilded bronze (also called ormolu).  Yannick Chastang can now provide a top quality service for gilded bronze, from making of the moulds and supervision of the casting to in-house chasing and very soon in house gilding (electroplating and firegilding).  The employment of French-trained specialised metal workers means that Paris quality work can be achieved at more competitive prices.  Our hourly rate for making bronze is about a fourth of the hourly rate of a Parisian bronze maker.  This step will ensure greater control over the quality of our work without the need to sub-contract work to Paris. 

Small projects include the making of  new escutcheons and handles for a pair of Boulle desks that have recently been conserved for Chatsworth as well as keys and elements for other pieces of Linke furniture.   

Whether furniture mounts, candelabras, chandeliers or fire dogs, we believe we now have the means to make anything from modern originals to copies, whether from an existing model or based on a photo.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice on any project you may have. 

Chasing of a new escutcheon to replace one missing from a pair of Boulle marquetry desk owned by Chatsworth  

Photo showing only a small selection of the 1,300 punches (or ciselets in French) we use for the chasing of bronzes.  Many of these punches are antiques tools, specially reconditioned for our workshop.  Antiques tools have the beauty of creating a much smother and more authentic look for the chasing.  As every style or every bronzes need special tools, if we don’t have the appropriate tool, new ones are made for each projects.