Marquetry Furniture Maker

Yannick Chastang design is located in Faversham, Kent, Great Britain

YANNICK CHASTANG DESIGN is a workshop which specialises in the manufacture of top-quality bespoke marquetry furniture.

Yannick Chastang is a graduate of the Ecole Boulle, Paris and his education included training in traditional and modern cabinet-making, design, marquetry and engraving. His designs have strong French and Classical influences derived from his close relationship with eighteenth-century and Art Deco original pieces, gained while working as a museum conservator. His aim is to make furniture of unrivalled excellence. He makes use of some of the most exotic and luxurious materials available today, from rare hard woods to shagreen and uses exclusively saw-cut veneers. His furniture is made using both traditional and innovative cabinet-making techniques. Marquetry plays an important part in all his designs, as does mechanical ingenuity. 

Yannick Chastang Design also makes fine copies of antique furniture.  Thanks to many years spent conserving the finest antique furniture, our copies are carefully crafted to faithfully reproduce the design and proportions of all aspects of an antique piece.  Copies of furniture or bronze, including candelabras, chandeliers or fire dogs, can all be made in our workshop.  The finish can reproduce the patinated aspect of an antique today or can replicate the original colour of the piece of furniture, often bright and colourful as loved during the 18th and 19th centuries.  Our copies enable the private owner to decorate his home with objects that may never appear on the market, often because they belong to museums.  If you have any piece you wish to have reproduced, Yannick Chastang will be delighted to assist you.  Appropriate copyright from the owner of the original is essential.

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Water Lily Marquetry Desk, 2003
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